It's a Macintosh Plus!

My Plus has an external Apple SC 20 MB harddrive connected to the computer via SCSI. Yes, this was the first Mac with a SCSI-connection. The processor is a Motorola 68000 running at 8 mhz. It has 4MB of RAM, it shipped with 1 MB, so mine has been upgraded later. The monitor is an integrated nine inch monocrome with a one bit videocard (in other words: two shades of color, black and white). It also has a built-in 800k floppydrive and an external "Farrallon MacRecorder"-adapter for sound-recording (The Plus itself has no sound-input, only sound out).
The operating-system on the computer when I bought it was Finnish 6.0.3, so I had to install something else. I decided on system Z-7.0.1 (international). The Plus runs up to system 7.5.5, but it is much quicker with 7.0.1.
Take a look at the desktop!
All together I'm very happy with the Plus, now it is waiting for a big-brother!

And it was not long before that would happen! In Oslo it is now a Quadra 950 waiting to se his little brother.

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