About me
Some info on me.

My school in Gothenburg, Sweden.

UIAH, Photo dept.
Where I studied for three months the spring of 1999.

Vemunds Adventures in the land of NOKIA

Part one:

The first day I arrived
The second day went to my school
The third I got drunk
The fourth day I sobered up
The fifth day I started my studies
The sixth day I borrowed a camera
The seventh day I walked my first walk
The eight day I met the Professor
The ninth day I got a room mate
The tenth day I walked my second walk
The eleventh day I went to the The Finnish museum of photography
The twelfth day I got another new room mate
The thirteenth day I bought a finnish book in english
The fourteenth day I developed my first film
The fifteenth day I walked my third walk
The sixteenth day Mika Myllylä beat Dæhlie and Alsgaard...
The seventeenth day I walked my fourth walk
The eighteenth day I had some pretty good noodles at Bar 9
The nintheenth day I got up early in the morning
The twentieth day Thomas Alsgaard beat Mika Myllylä!
The twentyfirst day was the last day of part one. Some statistics

Part two:

  In this period which is scheeduled to last for four weeks, I plan to do more than in the previous period. I got some plans, and I'll show you the results here.

  As more and more people are wondering if I'm actually doing anything at all here in Helsinki, and if I don't take any pictures, I feel urged to show off something. So take a look at some panorama-images that I made...

  When I walked home from school one day, I saw something strange in the forrest. Luckily I had my camera with me, so I took a photo. What is it? Picture HERE.

  I guess when you're looking for these things, you start seeing them everywhere. So the other day when I was one the metro on my way to school, I saw this thing. Pretty scary, uh?

  By popular demand, here is some pictures from my two latest walks.

 Not everything in this country is black&white (snow&trees), I've also taken som real touristy color-pictures. I was not gonna show them here on the web, but by more pupular demand I feel that I have to. So here you are: COLORPIX!

 A lovely day in March, I bought my first Macintosh computer. It's a Macintosh Plus from 1989!

 As a part of my "walking-project", I have walked from the four corners of Helsinki, east, north, west and south. The final work from this will be four prints that represets the four walks/ corners of Helsinki. They are not ready yet, but a simulated cyanotype can be viewed here.

 Now they are ready! I did palladium-type prints instead. Check them out HERE.

 In the easter-break I went back to Norway for some sun and skiing. I also got me another Macintosh when I was there. It's a Macinosh Quadra, a real beast!

Part three:

 "Is life in Finland just a form of animated death?" - Grafitti from a toilet in Helsinki.

  I had a lot of ideas for part three, but somehow things turned sour, and I ended up with doing very little... But you can have a look on "Four Boring Pictures" and "He who saves" which pretty much represent the general feeling I had.

 The last things I did was to make a QTVR-panorama from Rastila, the place where I lived for roughly three months of my life. You'll need Quicktime 3 or 4 to see it. Get it from Apple Computer if you don't have it.

Finland - If you remember me, I´ll remember you, if not - we will forget.

The End

27. May 1999 - this is it.


© Vemund Hagen 1999