The Macintosh Quadra 950

My second Mac turned out to be an old brutal thing called Quadra 950. This was the absolute "state-of-the-art" computer when it was introduced in 1992. It was priced at $8000 when it was introduced in the US! Pretty expensive with other words. But I did not pay so much for this one... For the roughly the same amount today you can buy a new blue/white PowerMacintosh G3-400 mhz with 1 GB RAM, an 18GB harddrive and a 21 inch colorsync display.
Some tech-specs for the nerds: It originaly had a 33mhz Motorola 68040 processor, but this one has a PowerPC 601/66 card inside the belly. It has 40MBs of RAM, and a 400MB harddisk. With a weight of 18 kg (36lbs) it's rather heavy to carry around. And the noise from the fan is VERY loud.
An interresting detail is that the cabinet has an "ignition-switch" on the top left side, you can lock it and take out the key. In that way you can prevent others from using it. But when you insert the key and turn around, sadly it doesn't start like a car. That would have been really cool! So you have to press the on/off key to start it, like other macs.

Since this computer is located in Oslo, it waits with excitement for the day when its little brother, the Macintosh Plus will arrive from Finland. Take a lock on him here.

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