The Four Walks of Helsinki

Look at the Images:  "Øst"  "Nord"  "Vest"  "Sør"

I decided to make Palladium-type prints instead of my original idea of making Cynotype-prints. The Palladium-type prints give a nice brown tone without any further toning. With Cynotype I've had to tone them using a tannin-toner to get a pleasant tone to the Images.

For the ones not familiar with the Palladium-type print process: It's an old method of making your own ligth-sensetive paper. On a piece of fine-art printing paper you pour a mix of chemicals to make it sensetive to UV-light. Then you make a contact-print with a negative the same size as the the final print. The exposure-time in the special UV-lightbed is around 10 minutes. To develop the prints you use ammonium-citrate. If you have the right eqiupment is suprisingly easy to make Palladium-type prints!

The negatives were made on the Macintosh on basis of a 35mm b/w-negative, and then I added the paths and the compass-star. They are printed on a Phaser 780 color-laser printer on normail overhead-film. The best negatives where the ones that were printed from RGB-files (same levels in each channel). The resulution was 600 dpi. I used the printers defalt raster, it was OK, but you can probably get better quality if you try some custom settings.

By using both old and new techniques I got a result that I was very happy with.

Some background on the project itself:

The idea behind this project is to do something very physical and common (like walking by foot through a city), and then try to transfer this into Images re-representing it. The background for doing this project, is that people today spend more and more time sitting still, that's even true for me. So I wanted to do something physical and then try to reflect why I'm doing this, what happens to a person walking, and in the end make Images out of it.
I did four walks, one from each corner of Helsinki (east, north, west and south). By doing that I also got to know the city better. It was a lot of snow everywhere, and this shows in the Images.

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