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2000-05-19: The exhibition has just finished at Exercishuset, Gothenburg. The picture above is from the exhibition. With this work I've finished my education here in Gothenburg and I'm now moving back to Oslo. Take a look at Exhibition-web at

Bjarne has finished his work in the basement. This is how it looks. It gives a hint of how the exhibition is gonna look. The exhibition is gonna take place in "Exercis-huset" at Heden, Gothenburg, Sweden. The opening looks to be on Saturday the of May. Welcome!

The project has taken a new dramatic turn... My alter-ego "Bjarne" has partly taken over the project, and he has some new radical ideas. The name of the project is now officially "Vegen" (the Road) and its gonna be more retrospective, but still including some of the works Vemund has made so far this year. We did an installation (more like a montage really) in the basement of the school two weeks ago, and it looked good. Pixs are coming here soon!

2000-01-10: A new year, new possibilities. December was a disaster, not a thing done... But January is going to be fantastic! Got some new ideas, and looking forward to work them out. Check this page for new stuff.

1999-11-17: I've made three new fire pictures now, and I've also made a FLASH-presentation of them... Take a look on it HERE size: 335 kB. (Requires Flash-plugin from Macromedia)

1999-10-24: Last Wednesday I presented my work so far for my classmates. I was good to get some feedback, and I hope I'm on the right track now...
I have also made 9 little films of things you can do at home when you are bored. Click on the eye above to watch 'em! Quicktime is required for here as well. A little warning for people on slow connections: it is over one megabyte of data all in all. So: don´t try this at home unless you have at least a 56K modem.

1999-10-10: Fire walk with me! Everybody needs a hobby. My hobby is to set things on fire. Click on the images above for bigger & better images.

Painting is hard to learn, but I'm not giving up yet... in between I'm doing some other fun things, such as making an animation with KPTs Goo. Take a look at it here. Requires Quicktime 3 or 4. Get it from Apple computer.

1999-10-04: I have now done my first painting based on the theme, and I'm not really satisfied with it, but that is OK. I see it as a starting point, and I'm gonna done more paintings with the experiences I have got from this (It is not easy to learn how to paint...).

1999-09-05: The school has started, and I've written the project-description for my main project. You can take a look at it, but it's in Norwegian only.

1999-08-09: I've just started thinking about them, so nothing is ready yet. But you should be able to follow the progression here soon. It has something to do with roads and travels.

1999-08-01: During the upcoming year (1999/2000) I'm gonna do a big project and probably several small project for my graduation at HFF.

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