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Latest news from NATO headquarters in Brussels.

KLA Press Service
News from the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Official information from the Serbs.

British broadcasting network, has extensive coverage of the conflict.

Norwegian newspaper with news in norwegian about the conflict.

Belgrade Webcam
A webcamera in Beograd with a new picture every ten minutes.
Here you can help the refugees (in norwegian).

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Aug-99: Star Wars!

Refugees cries in fear and desperation. Media brings us the horrors of war 24 hours a day.


14th of June 1999:

 Is it over? It seems like the war could be over for now, NATO has stopped the bombing, The serbs are moving out of Kosovo, and NATOs KFOR-force is moving in.
 But there is still heavy tension in the area, and it´s gonna take months before the situation are stabilized and the refugees can start moving back into Kosovo and rebuild their lives. And now there is a new wave of refugees, the serbian population of Kosovo are fleing...

27th of May 1999:

 The war has been going on for 65 days now, and there is still no solution in sight... There are now 969.000 refugees (UNHCR numbers). When will this war end?

17th of April 1999:

  Sadly as it is, there is a war going on right here in Europe. The Serb forces empties Kosovo of Kosovar- Albanians, and NATO bombs Yugoslavia back to the stoneage.
  As always in a war, the sivil population are the victims. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are leaving Kosovo for Albania and Macedonia. When I write his 588.000 people have fled Kosovo, that is 1/8 of Norways entrire population!
  The background for this conflict is very complex, and I will not try to explain it here. But what is sure, is that after the peacetalks in Rambouillet collapsed on the 19th of march when the serbs refused to sign the agrement and the bombardment started on the 24th of March, is that we have seen images of terror and suffering that shocks the world. Not since the second world war has Europe seen a war worse than this.
 Just the images is important in this war, as in all wars in modern time, used in propaganda and as opinion-makers. The power of the images is enormous, and the right use of them can turn a conflict over. But is it already to late?

Slobodan Milosevic
President of Yugoslavia, mastermind of the plan of ethnic cleansing of Kosovo.
Knut Vollebæk
Norwegian foreign secretary and chairman of OSSE, the organisation for peace and security in europe. Tried to talk Milosevic into signing Rambouillet, but failed.
Igor Ivanov
Russian foreign secretary, tries to negotiate in the conflict. Since Russia is not a part in the conflict itself, he might be in a key posision to solve the conflict.
Madeleine Albright
US foreign secretary, a strong voice in the NATO alliance. Is one of the leading politicans for bombing Yugoslavia.
Decided to attack Yugoslavia with airstrikes after Ramboillet went down the sink. Did not ask the UN for premision since China and Russia would most certainly have vetoed it.
The Kosovo Liberation Army. The Kosovar-Albanian guerilla that started its offence last year to liberate Kosovo from Yugoslavia.

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