QuicktimeVR Panoramas

Requires Quicktime 3.0/4.0 for Mac/Win (Macs also works with QT 2.5)
Get it at: http://www.apple.com/quicktime

QTVR from Prague - Czech rep., january 1998

QTVR from Rødhus - Denmark, march 1998

QTVR from Eidfjord - Norway, april 1998

QTVR from Rastila - Finland, may 1999

Info for tech-freaks: These panoramas were made with Apple QTVR authoring studio 1.0.1. First seven 35mm images photographed with a Nikon FM2 with a 20mm lens are stitched together to a digital panorama. Then the panorama is cut into tiles and the program makes an QTVR-panorama of them. The QTVR-panorama is a special quicktime-movie, which can be viewed with the right quicktime-player. With Quicktime 3.0/4.0 and the QT-plugin for your browser, you should be able to zoom and pan the panoramas. Enjoy!

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